The Importance Of Regular Property Inspections For Managers

Mar 14, 2023

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To take care of your properties, your property manager needs to stay on top of many things. Everything from maintenance to making sure your tenants are treating your properties appropriately is important. By conducting regular property inspections, you can be sure that your properties are well taken care of.  Some people might neglect to have inspections done if there are no noticeable problems with their properties. If it seems fine, then it is fine, right?  Well, no. Often, problems are difficult to spot until they get worse, and when they get worse, they become more hazardous and more expensive to fix. Waiting until an issue appears can upset your tenants and cause further problems down the line.  So, what are the specific reasons why you should have regular property inspections done?

What Are Property Inspections?

Simply put, a property inspection is where a qualified person inspects your property. These inspections are often done by experienced property managers who know what to check and what to look for.  Inspections are often formulaic procedures where your manager has a list of things they’ll need to check, and they ensure that everything on their list is in good condition. Of course, if anything strange is found, you and your manager can take the proper actions to remedy any issues. 

Why Are Routine Property Inspections So Important?

Why should you have routine property inspections conducted? Some people think that having an inspection once a year or so is fine, but a year is a long time for issues to appear and get worse. It’s recommended to have more inspections than just annual ones.  Your inspection schedule may vary; you may want to have a set schedule for your property manager to follow. Additionally, if anything happens that could affect the status of your properties, such as harsh weather that could have damaged your structures, you may want to call for an inspection to ensure that everything is alright.  You should have regular inspections conducted because: To Identify Any Issues With Property Maintenance. First and foremost, an inspection’s purpose is ultimately to find and identify issues. Your manager can check for potential problems like mould growth, property damage, water leaks and more. Many of these issues can grow and become worse, so it’s always best to fix them as soon as you can.  To Ensure Tenants Are Treating The Property Well. Usually, when a tenant rents your property, they’ll have rules that they have to follow that were set by you or your property manager. These rules often include what they’re allowed to do to the property and anything that could affect the state of the property while they’re living there.  During an inspection, you can make sure that your tenant is following the rules and treating your property with respect and care. To Document Property Conditions. Keeping documented evidence of how things are going is generally a good idea. This way, if a problem suddenly shows up, people can’t claim that it was there the whole time. Regular inspections can help you consistently be sure that your properties are in good condition and that there aren’t any damages or problems that you should take care of.  To Keep Your Tenants Satisfied With Your Care. As a landlord, it’s your and your property manager’s responsibility to keep your properties in good condition for your tenants. If you neglect to have inspections done, or if your properties have clear issues or damages that are not being fixed in a timely manner, your tenants could become upset with you.  When your tenants see that you care about your properties and their living conditions, they’ll be happier with you. Tenants appreciate it when you keep track of things like property inspections and maintenance because it shows that you care about their quality of life and that you’ll take that extra step to keep everyone happy. Happy tenants who appreciate your hard work are more likely to follow the rules, treat your properties with respect and pay their rent on time. It’s always a good thing to be nice to people you’re interacting with regularly because then your interactions will be friendlier and not stressful.  Pleased tenants are also more likely to stay longer because they’re satisfied with their living conditions. So, you’ll have to worry less about tenants moving out, finding new tenants, getting them moved in safely and making sure they follow the rules and pay their rent on time. 

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