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As a dedicated property management practice, we aim to provide a personalized yet professional approach to servicing the property needs of landlords.

Benefits of using a Property Manager

Property management companies are designed to help people like you succeed and enhance your quality of life. Even if you are used to managing your properties on your own, or if you are physically capable of doing so, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. 

A skilled property manager can:

Reduce The Amount Of Time That Your Properties Stay Vacant. You lose money every day a property stays empty. But finding suitable tenants for your properties isn’t a simple process. You must market your space, vet potential tenants and get them officially moved in.

A property management company has the right people and system to market your properties and find suitable people.

Save You Time. Naturally, with extra hands helping you out, you’ll have far more time for yourself. Instead of rushing to get tasks done on time, you’ll get things finished efficiently and correctly. Running low on time is stressful and frustrating, but a great property manager will help you complete everything on time. 

Provide You With Helpful Detailed Reports. Staying on top of everything is tricky, especially if you own many properties; and you could miss important details if you don’t pay attention. Property management companies have experience looking after many properties at once, so they’ll be able to do it without a problem. They can also provide you with detailed reports so you’re always in the know. 

Set A Good Rent Price And Collect It On Time. Property managers will ensure that your rent is set to a realistic price and that your monthly rent is always collected on time. So, you won’t have to worry about chasing down tenants who owe you money and having stressful conversations with them. 

Take Care Of Routine Maintenance. By conducting regular inspections and taking care of routine maintenance, your properties will stay beautiful and functional. 

Improve your life and properties with our our Property Mangement Expertise

At Home Property Management is your go-to company for some of the best property management services in New Zealand. We always make sure to give every one of our client’s properties the care they deserve to ensure that everyone stays happy. 

To get the process started, or if you’d like to ask us some questions, please visit our contact page. You can also reach us by calling 022 303 3449

At Home Property Management can assist you with getting the most out of all of your properties.

Save Money with our all inclusive fees:

To save you more we only charge a flat rate of 7% with no additional costs for vetting, inspections, maintenance management or admin fees, plus you will get:

NO hidden charges

NO tenant placement fees ( old letting fee )

NO maintenance management fees

NO yearly admin fees


NO credit check fees


NO inspection fees

Thorough tenant selection process


Regular rent reviews

NO Tribunal Hearing charges

We are also always on call

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