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Jul 18, 2022

The property management company in Hamilton that you need. SAVE with our first 3 months FREE offer. Call At Home Property Management now!

Do you own an investment property in Hamilton? Managing a property is a lot of work when you don’t have help. Whether your property is in Aberdeen, Ashmore, Bader, Beerescourt, Callum Brae, Chartwell, Chedworth Park, Claudelands, Crawshaw, Deanwell, Dinsdale, Enderley, Fairfield, Fairview Downs, Fitzroy, Flagstaff, Forest Lake, Frankton, Glenview, Grandview Heights, Hamilton Central, Hamilton East, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton North, Hamilton West, Harrowfield, Hillcrest, Huntington, Livingstone, Magellan Rise,Maeroa, Melville, Nawton, Peacocke, Pukete, Queenwood, River Road, Riverlea, Rotokauri, Rototuna, Ruakura, Silverdale, Stonebridge, St Andrews, St James Park, St Petersburg, Somerset Heights, Stonebridge, Te Rapa, Te Kowhai, Temple View, Thornton, Western Heights, Whitiora
or beyond, we are here to provide the assistance you need to maximise your returns and get the most out of your investment.

Your trusted property manager in Hamilton

The team at At Home Property Management always focus on service excellence. We have all the expertise you need when it comes to managing rental properties, along with the necessary local knowledge to provide the best results for your property.

When you work with us, you will get a team that listens and responds quickly always acting in your best interests. We follow a proactive property management approach when taking care of your property.

Backing the interests of the property owner

We care about covering your requirements as a landlord. By utilising our proactive management of your real estate, we can help you maximise the returns on your investment property and your cash flow.

SAVE money when you choose At Home Property Management. We charge a flat rate of 7%, One of the lowest fees in the country. Plus, we offer your first 3 months FREE. That includes no additional:

Property Management Hamilton

  • Hidden charges
  • Tenant placement fees (old letting fee)
  • Maintenance management fees
  • Advertising fees
  • Credit check fees
  • Inspection fees
  • Tenant vetting fees

What’s more, if you refer a friend to sign up for 1 year of our services, we will pay YOU $500.00.

We make owning properties easy by working on your behalf, and we never compromise on the quality of our services. Our team of property managers is always on call, so our clients can rely on us.

Hamilton property management

As your property managers, we will maximise the returns on your investment. You can trust that with no additional fees or hidden costs, we are committed to providing quality service every time.

Most of all, we take the burden and stress out of owning a rental property.

Managing your cash flow

The At Home Property Management team will monitor rent, collect rent, and deposit money straight into your bank to keep everything running smoothly. We do everything possible to ensure that your rent gets paid on time so you can get that income as soon as possible.

Getting the best tenants

Keeping your requirements in mind every step of the way, we will find the best quality tenants at the time to live in your rentals.

We have a thorough and secure background check and screening process. Your property manager will contact all references, check and confirm tenancy history from their previous landlord/agent, and perform credit checks through several databases to ensure you get quality tenants. You’re in safe hands with At Home Property Management.

Optimising your income

Our aim is to get every one of our clients the most money they can get when renting their property. We offer FREE rental appraisals to determine what the market rent is for your property. One of the factors we consider when working out the market rent for you are:

  1. The current market demand for rentals like yours
  2. Availability of similar rentals in the current market
  3.  Historical rental data in your area

This gives the right balance to secure good quality tenants faster and minimising vacancy rates.

Property advertising

To ensure that you are comfortable with us acting on your behalf, we will ask you to sign a Management Agreement. That will allow us to prepare a listing for your property and put up advertisements for it as soon as possible. We will minimise the amount of time your property spends empty, which will avoid any loss in returns.

Property maintenance

As your trustworthy property managers, we uphold full compliance with NZ’s rental laws, and part of that is keeping up to date with all maintenance requests from tenants. We have sound maintenance procedures and work with good quality contractors

Following the highest standards

We know the proper processes when it comes to rights and obligations, paperwork and more. We manage all the lease documents and follow bond laws to the letter. We collect a four-week bond from tenants, which is the maximum possible amount, keeping both you and your tenants protected.

Should the necessity arise, your property manager will know the correct way to deal with rent arrears, tenant disputes, and evictions.

Turn to At Home Property Management to look after your rental property

You can trust At Home Property Management to take care of your investment. We maintain a focus on your interests to ensure that you get the best returns, keep your tenants happy, and protect your assets.

Choose At Home Property Management today if you want to SAVE on your property investments. Contact us now!


Save Money with our all inclusive fees:

To save you more we only charge a flat rate of 7% with no additional costs for advertising, vetting, inspections, maintenance management or admin fees, plus you will get:

NO hidden charges

NO tenant placement fees ( old letting fee )

NO maintenance management fees

NO advertising fees


NO credit check fees


NO inspection fees

Thorough tenant selection process


Regular rent reviews

NO Tribunal Hearing charges

We are also always on call

What our clients say
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