Letting Fees Changes

What Can Landlords Do?

Letting fees changes

What Can Landlords Do?

From 13 December 2018, it became illegal to charge letting fees to tenants. Almost all property management companies have transferred this cost across to landlords. Some have charged a flat rate yearly admin fee and some have a flat rate per tenancy change charge and some charge you the exact letting fee of one week’s rent plus GST. This is usually labelled as a tenant placement fee.

This adds so many costs to investors who are already burdened by ever-changing rental laws making it really hard to generate cash positive returns.

Relief is here and you can breathe again. At Home Property Management has always had a policy of maximising investors returns. We don’t just talk about maximising returns, we actually do it. And we are doing it again. We have decided to absorb the letting fees ban and not to on charge these fees to landlords. Wow, that’s fantastic news for investors as most will experience an average $500 a year savings from that offer.

That’s $500 extra a year in YOUR pocket. Any savvy investor will see the value of maximising returns and the value of this offer. So we are calling on all savvy investors to give us a call and have a no obligation chat about really maximising your returns and having property investment become worthwhile for you again.

Not only does this offer save you money but you don’t lose out on service at all and in most cases get even better service as our many investors will attest to. We value all our investors and treat you as like you were our only client. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain so pick up the phone or text or email me now to have a no obligation chat. You will be pleasantly surprised by our friendly proactive approach to property management. 

Hundreds of investors are already experiencing our amazing service and maximising their returns. A simple call could have you enjoying the same.

Contact us today to discuss how we can maximise your returns and save you more!

To save you more we only charge a flat rate of 7% with no additional costs for vetting, inspections, maintenance management or admin fees, Plus you will get:

FREE MANAGEMENT FEES FOR Your first 3 months

NO tenant placement fees ( old letting fee )

NO maintenance management fees

What our clients say
Contact us today to discuss how we can maximise your returns and save you more!

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