Gregory Young - Mobile Rental Property Manager

I am a specialist residential property manager, servicing landlords and tenants in the Hamilton and Tauranga areas.

Gregory Young - Mobile Rental Property Manager

I am a specialist residential property manager, servicing landlords and tenants in the Hamilton and Tauranga areas.

Experience you can depend on

Gregory Young has always had a flair for business. From a young age while still in school he secured himself a job as a couriers van assistant and soon after leaving school he worked himself up to being the youngest operations manager nationwide for a large well known international courier company. His true potential was realized when he took the leap at 23 and bought his first business.

Gregory made an offer to purchase a small lawn mowing business, but with little funds to make the purchase, he found himself faced with a challenge, to convince the bank manager to place his trust in Gregory’s assurance that he would pay back his business loan without missing a payment. The bank Manager was convinced and Gregory not only never missed a payment, but he paid the loan off in half the time allocated. And so his entrepreneurial journey began.

Being young, and new to business, Greg was faced with many negative opinions from others, but that served as motivation to Gregory and he surprised those naysayers by taking his small business with 5 staff members and more than doubling the size in less than a year, and continued to grow it thereafter, to four times its original size.

Greg realized that he was in a position to offer more than just lawn mowing to his customers as many people were doing home and garden improvements, so he up-skilled himself by completing a few courses in gardening, pruning, horticulture basics and landscaping and soon he extended his business to a lawn and garden service with a thriving landscaping division.

Gregory’s passion for home improvements grew each day and he continued to educate himself and add to his list of skills and services offered. He trained in the building of Thatch Lapas, otherwise known as grass roofed gazebos. He learnt how to build Koi fish ponds. He moved on to the art of textured concrete and built artificial rock water features and rock style paving for swimming pool surrounds. This lead to his next big challenge of teaching himself to build swimming pools, specializing in Beach Style swimming pools. He became the first swimming pool contractor in the country (South Africa) to design, build and fill a swimming pool in one week. Gregory’s reputation grew quickly and he had a waiting list of up to four months.

Proven Property Management Experience

This love for improving homes led Gregory to his passion for property and so he entered into the property market by purchasing his first home in a small suburb on the East Rand in the city of Johannesburg. Gregory got straight to work on making improvements to the outside and then the interior of the house and he soon sold that house for more than four times the price he paid. This also led to him adding yet another division to his business, which was small builds and renovations.

Gregory’s vast experience with home improvement and renovations and his skill as an entrepreneur led him to what has now become his greatest passion and that is a passion for property.

Before immigrating to New Zealand, Gregory had an investment portfolio of several townhouses which he rented out and managed himself. Some vacant land as well as his third own home.

Gregory was the local property manager to all his friends and family as they needed his particular skill set with their own houses and rental properties; as they all knew that he will always advise them with their best interests in mind.

Your Investment, Your Future… My Commitment

Gregory understands the value and importance of looking after an investment. He is very frugal with spending and goes to great lengths to make sure an investment, turns out to be just that, an investment.

Gregory being a South African with a Scottish heritage has just the characteristics you would want in your property Manager. He is firm but fair with tenants and he is honest and upfront with investors. He is still driven by a challenge and that same ambition that he fostered as a young business man to deliver an excellent service.

Gregory’s success in business is due greatly to his belief in a balanced lifestyle. While work is extremely important to him, so is his family and so as often as he can, Gregory likes to spend quality time with his wife and three children. A nice day on the beach with a cricket bat and ball, or a picnic in a park is Gregory’s way of relaxing and spending quality time with his loved ones

Greg’s life motto is, “Do it with Passion, or not at all”

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