The Future of Property Management: How Technology is Changing the Game

May 30, 2023

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Technology is incredible, and it’s being used to improve and streamline countless aspects of everyday life – including property management! Gone are the days of having to messily sift through paperwork or frustratedly read messy handwriting; technology can make the management process so much smoother.

You might be shocked at just how much technology is revolutionising the world of managing properties. Clever tech (and clever property managers who know how to use it) benefits landlords and tenants alike.

How Technology Makes Managing Properties Easier Than Ever

How exactly is awesome technology improving how you can manage your property? Here are a handful of the many advantages of using technology:

Digitised Property Management. The most obvious benefit of using tech when managing properties is that most processes are much more streamlined. Landlords and property managers can use straightforward, easy-to-use applications to have a bird’s-eye view of all of the important information regarding their properties.

The specific programs and software you use may depend on what management company you work with and the standard way they do things. All in all, using digital software is a convenient and paper-free way to stay on top of things.

Exceptional Communication. It’s no secret that proper communication is one of the most important things during any kind of interaction. If you, your property manager, your tenants, and anyone else you interact with regarding property management don’t communicate well, serious issues can occur.

So many things can go wrong if you aren’t using technology to communicate. You could have trouble getting into contact with important people, you may not hear each other correctly, you may not be able to read messy handwriting correctly and so on.

But these problems are basically entirely eliminated with technology. You can easily speak to people by sending voice messages, emails or other forms of digital messages. Whomever you’re trying to contact will see your message and respond promptly, even if they weren’t online when you sent it.

Additionally, you can also view older messages to reread important information, making staying up to date with vital details easier than ever. Technology has allowed people to find information, quite literally, with a click of a button. This efficient, easy access to pertinent information has helped thousands of different types of businesses.

Easier Marketing. Successfully advertising vacant properties is essential because empty properties don’t make you any money! Every day a property lies vacant is a day that someone could’ve been living in it, so you want to fill your empty spaces as quickly (and with good tenants) as possible.

With technology, property management is made easier because your property manager can create property advertisements and post listings very easily. Prospective renters will have a simpler time finding your properties because they can just hop on Google and search for vacancies in New Zealand.

Your property manager can also attach plenty of gorgeous photos to the listings they create, making it much easier for tenants to view your spaces from the comfort of their phone, computer or other device. It’s like they can have a tour without getting off the couch.

Easier Tenant Applications. Not only is it easier for potential renters to learn about your empty properties, but it’s also easier for them to inquire about them or submit applications. They can apply for a rental in a digitised format, allowing your property manager to see all of the information they need to see. Then, they can get back to them as soon as they can.

Analytical AI. AI, or artificial intelligence, is being used in all sorts of different businesses and applications now. Did you know that you can use AI to analyse large amounts of property management data? That’s right; smart AI can look at data and tell you about any noticeable trends that the data shows, giving you valuable information that can help you make productive moves in the future.

While you could analyse your data yourself, the process of doing so will take a lot of time. AI can give you results incredibly quickly.

Safer No-Touch Environments. With recent world events, such as the COVID-19 virus, more and more people have become aware of the dangers of unhygienic environments. Nowadays, people might not want to use the same pen or touch the same surfaces.

Digital forms and software allow people to look at the same information without having to physically handle the same objects. While technology may not completely eliminate the need for paper forms or physical contact, it’s certainly a step towards an easier, more manageable future.

How To Make Sure Your NZ Properties Are Managed Smartly

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