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Mar 6, 2024

At Home Property Management is the property management company you need in Hamilton and Tauranga. SAVE with our first 3 months FREE offer. Call us now!

Make life easier with a property manager

Managing a property on your own is a lot of work. The At Home Property Management team is here to make everything easier for property owners and tenants. Our all-inclusive fees were created to help you save money while getting the best possible service.

Unlike other property management companies, we charge a flat rate of 7% with no hidden charges or additional costs for:

  • Vetting tenants
  • Tenant placement
  • Maintenance management
  • Credit checks
  • Inspections
  • Administration

Switch to us NOW if you want to work with a company that puts your needs first.

Our property management services

With At Home Property Management, you can get the most out of your rental property. Our property managers in Tauranga and our property managers in Hamilton care about landlords’ interests, saving you the hassle of managing your investment property and maximizing your cash flow.

We can take the hassle out of self-management, while you get all the advantages of having a professional approach to maximizing your returns and creating a passive income and growing your wealth through property investment. Save yourself the burden and stress, get your time back, and our low fees will more than pay for themselves. Some of the property management work we can do for you includes:

  • Looking after your cash flow – We do everything possible to ensure that your rent gets paid on time so you can get that income as soon as possible.
  • Getting the best tenants – using a secure and thorough background check and screening process.
  • Optimising your income – we have the expertise necessary to assist you in getting the most rent out of your properties.
  • Market your properties – our property managers will advertise your property so that it spends as little time as possible empty and you can get a continuous flow of rent.
  • Property maintenance – we will respond to and manage any maintenance requests from your tenants. Our agents are trained to look for maintenance issues at inspections and we use skilled tradesmen to help keep costs down by getting the job done right the first time.


The property management company that cares

If you want to maximise your investment, our property management services in Hamilton and our property management services in Tauranga are the best way to make that happen. Let us take you through some of the reasons why you should choose At Home Property Management.

You will get to keep more of your rent money

Our services go above and beyond paying for themselves. With your best interest at heart, we oversee the daily operations of property management so that you can get a better rental return and make more money in the long term. Our team of property managers have the time and resources to take care of your property so that it is always in good shape, getting better tenants to live there for longer.

We will save you time

The At Home Property Management team is here to lift some of the burdens of owning a property from our clients. Landlords often already have full-time jobs, and taking care of rental properties on top of that requires a lot of extra time and effort.

We are here to deal with tracking payments, complaints, repairs, property preparation, and tenant relations. Save yourself the stress and choose to work with professional property managers.

Better quality renters will live in your house

Your property manager from At Home Property Management will find the best quality tenants available at the time to rent your house or apartment, screening out poorer quality tenants through our robust vetting system. We have extensive sales and marketing skills, so we can get quality tenants into your investment properties faster.

We know tenancy regulations

New Zealand has a lot of tenancy laws and regulations, and they are constantly being updated. Our property managers know these regulations inside and out, so we can handle every situation correctly and assist in preventing you from getting into any legal hassles.

Providing professionalism

Another fantastic advantage of working with our property managers is that we will provide a professional buffer between landlords and tenants. That way, no issue will ever become personal, and we can focus on the correct processes to solve problems.

Choose At Home Property Management today!

When you work with At Home Property Management, you will get exceptional service from a company that cares. Whether you own a single property or multiple, our team will make sure your investment is looked after to the highest possible standard. Your asset is in good hands.

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To save you more we only charge a flat rate of 7% with no additional costs for vetting, inspections, maintenance management or admin fees, Plus you will get:

NO hidden charges

NO tenant placement fees ( old letting fee )

NO maintenance management fees

NO yearly admin fees


NO credit check fees


NO inspection fees

Thorough tenant selection process


Regular rent reviews

NO Tribunal Hearing charges

We are also always on call

What our clients say
Contact us today to discuss how we can maximise your returns and save you more!

Gregory Young

NZQF Residential Property management Level 4 / Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Phone: 022 303 3449

E-mail: gregory@athomepropertymanagement.co.nz

Monica Young

NZQF Residential Property management Level 4 / Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Phone: 022 453 2019

E-mail: monica@athomepropertymanagement.co.nz